Data Science for Life Sciences Training

Basel – April 13, 2021.

Machine Learning Architects Basel (MLAB) launches an innovative Data Science for Life Sciences (DSfLS) training to help your pharma, biotech and healthcare teams and organizations unlock their Data Science potential.

At MLAB, we believe that Data Science is inherently multi-disciplinary, and everyone can and should be a “Citizen Data Scientist”.
We conceptualized this training with a strong conviction that Life Sciences professionals nowadays need and deserve Data Science skills and analytics capabilities in order to deal with the growing amount of data, turning it into insights and extracting research and/or business value from it, without reaching for external costly data experts or building new teams who have a limited only understanding of the scientific your research and business challenges.

Unlock your Life Scientist potential with Data Science

The Data Science for Life Sciences Training is an agile, comprehensive and solution-oriented training featuring an effective mix of theory and hands-on labs, and covering a diversified set of modules to help you reduce the gap between Life Sciences, Data and Technology.
It was developed in collaboration between Life Scientists with a background in both industry and academic research for biotech, and Data Science and Machine Learning experts with a proven track record on building solution-oriented and domain-specific models offering simpler and faster ways to turn data into insights, and insights into value.

Aware of data’s growing importance for both individuals and organizations working in the Life Sciences field, MLAB offers the Data Science for Life Sciences training in three different formulas, featuring different modules and workshops, to suit whatever needs you may have.

Public DSfLS Training:

If you are a biologist, a healthcare or pharma researcher, a medical doctor or any Life Science practitioner or researcher in general, and you are encountering Data in your every day’s practice that needs to be processed in effective ways, this training may suits you the best. The public DSfLS Training is structured around 10 modules combining theoretical concepts and hands-on-labs, split into two weeks to choose from, according to your specific needs:

  • The “Foundations Week” (5 days) aims to initiate you to the fundamentals of Data Science for Life Sciences and tools you to take advantage. It covers the modules of: Data Science Fundamentals, Data Science Workflow, Tools for Data Science, Data Engineering, Building Valuable Models in Life Science.
    Learn more about Data Science for Life Sciences Foundations course
  • “The Advanced Week” (5 days) which aim to consolidate your initial knowledge of Data Science and push it further into a state-of-the art expertise. It covers the modules of: Machine Learning Fundamentals, AI Libraries for life science, Relevant ML/DL Frameworks, Building an ML Healthcare/biotech Application, Evaluation Metrics of ML Models.
    Learn more about Data Science for Life Sciences Advanced course

Customisable Enterprise DSfLS Training:

If your organization works in the healthcare, pharma or medical industry, and you desire to upgrade your teams’ skills in Data Science for Life Sciences in order to master the data you encounter every day and turn into valuable insights for your business or research, this training is your best way to go. The Customisable Enterprise DSfLS Training offers you the possibility to choose from 10 modules based on your teams and individuals requirements and needs after their assessments in consultancy workshop(s) with our project lead(s). You can decide which modules to focus on and in which order, in addition to the labs and tools applied to your specific environment.

Serving the need for end-to-end data analytics and machine learning skills, this is the second training designed and delivered by Machine Learning Architects in 2021, after the Effective Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Training program in favour of a technical audience of Software and System Engineers, and DevOps, MLOps and IT teams.

About us

Machine Learning Architects Basel is a visionary consulting company from Basel, Switzerland, supporting customers in the design, construction and implementation of the Digital Highway for Machine Learning. The cell specializes in data science and machine learning (ML) and combines knowledge about technological possibilities with efficient operating models, offering an innovative range of consulting, engineering and training services.

Our customers benefit from our holistic expertise to design and build unified analytics platforms and machine learning systems, as well as enabling their teams with skills needed for end-to-end Machine Learning. That results in:

  • Self-service analytics capabilities and operating models for our clients’ data challenges
  • MLOps or Continuous Delivery and Operations of custom Machine Learning systems
  • Enablement of both technical and non-technical staff (e.g. researchers and doctors) to leverage state-of-the-art data analytics to unlock more of existing teams’ potential, including a Data Science for Life Science training offer developed by a mix of biotech and data science experts

The company is part of the successful Swiss Digital Network, an independent and open network of specialised consulting cells supporting customers in their Digital and Cloud transformation journeys.