Why do you need Data Science for Life Sciences Training?

Life Scientists are facing increasing amounts of Data, as for every field in the nowadays’ Digital Age

Data proliferation is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. A challenge because not everyone is equiped to deal with huge amounts of data, and an opportunity because more data means more insights and more insights mean better understanding and value proposition.

Data Science for Life Sciences
Data Science for Life Sciences

Data Science is for everyone, Life Scientists in particular.

The number of “Citizen Data Scientists” will grow 5 times faster than the number of highly skilled specialists (Gartner, 2018). Every Life Scientist should be a Citizen Data Scientist, as it is more effective and less costly to treat your Data yourself.

Data Science is multi-disciplinary. Data Science is different in each context.

Data Science when applied to Life Sciences provides adapted Analytics capabilities offering faster, simpler and more efficient ways and models to leverage Life Sciences growing data. 

Data Science for Life Sciences

Unlock your Life Scientist potential with Data Science

  • A clear and structured set of activities supported by customizable learning modules and an approach combining Life Sciences’ expertise and Data Science and Machine Learning proactive knowledge. 
  • Reduced complexity and increased efficiency by leveraging modern tech capabilities, and adapted Data Science for Life Sciences models, methods and best practices.

Our Data Science for Life Sciences (DSfLS) Training Offer

  • Instructor-led, agile, comprehensive and practical training with an effective and entertaining mix of theory and labs.
  • Developed and delivered by industry-experienced and research-oriented Life Scientists and Data Science and Machine Learning experts.
  • Covering relevant aspects of Analytics and adressing how to effectively apply both hard and soft skills in your Life Science work and research.
  • Strong emphasis on applied models for better, simpler and faster adoption and leverage of Data Science in Life Sciences’ every day work.
  • Proven frameworks, librairies and technologies for Data Science and Machine Learning based on Life Sciences use cases.

Our Data Science for Life Sciences Courses

Public Trainings

Effective learning environment with the modules split into two courses, each including theory and standard labs. 

  1. Foundations Bootcamp (5 days) 
  2. Advanced Bootcamp (5 days) 

Course fee (5 days): CHF 5’000 / participant

Enterprise Training

Customised training offer for companies and their teams based on your organisation’s individual requirements.

  • Project delivery approach incl. consulting and training
  • Module selection and adoption customisable

Package of consulting rate (time & material) and training fee

Foundations Bootcamp

  • Day 1: Data Science Fundamentals 
  • Day 2: Data Science workflow for Life Sciences 
  • Day 3: Tools for Data Science
  • Day 4: Data Engineering  
  • Day 5: Building valuable models for Life Sciences 

Advanced Bootcamp

  • Day 1: Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • Day 2: AI Librairies for Life Sciences
  • Day 3: Relevant ML/DL frameworks  
  • Day 4: Building a ML Life Sciences  application 
  • Day 5: Evaluation metrics of ML Models

Enterprise Training

  • Data Science Fundamentals 
  • Data Science workflow for Life Sciences 
  • Tools for Data Science 
  • Data Engineering 
  • Building valuable models for Life Sciences
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • AI Librairies for Life Sciences      
  • Relevant ML/DL frameworks
  • Building a ML Life Sciences  application
  • Evaluation metrics of ML Models

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