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ML AI Consulting

Our Background

On the one hand, we are part of the successful Swiss Digital Network and leverage our background in managing highly reliable software and infrastructure projects and democratising established and proven concepts such as the “Digital Highway for Continuous Software Delivery” and “Effective Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)” in the Swiss market. On the other hand, we have combined this expertise, with new team members experienced in Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) and building tailored ML solutions for customers to digitise and automate processes. 

Our Team

Taking advantage of our diverse backgrounds and experiences we are forming a polyvalent consulting team of:

  • Data Scientists,
  • Data & Machine Learning Engineers,
  • Software Developers & Site Reliability Engineers (SRE),
  • Domain experts (Life Scientists, IT Architects, etc.).


Our Approach

We are partnering with value-adding and leading technology providers (Spark/Databricks, Druid/Imply, etc.) and we are supporting organisations of different sizes and from different industries in their Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning initiatives.

Our Services

👉 Digitalisation and automation of processes with tailored data and AI solutions, from idea conception to implementation.

👉Data engineering, design and implementation of unified analytics platforms and Machine Learning systems.

👉Training of teams and individuals with dedicated skills in Data Science for Life Sciences (DSfLS) and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

Our Results

End-to-end Machine Learning implementations for your needs, incl. deployment and operations (MLOps).

✅Data architectures, self-service analytics capabilities and operating models matching your requirements.

✅  Enablement of both non-technical people (e.g. life scientists) in Data Science for their domain and technical (IT) people in SRE for DevOps/MLOps.

MLAB Portfolio Overview


Tailored Machine Learning Solutions, Strategic Advisory, Operating Models, Architecture Designs & Engineering Expertise for MLOps

  • Cutting-edge, tailored ML solutions for your specific needs, all the way from use case identification, over data engineering and model development up until the final IT stack integration, including software and site reliability engineering to successfully deploy, scale and operate your solution
  • AI maturity assessments and strategy roadmaps for your AI and data transformation with a holistic approach covering technology, operating model, culture and skills advisory
  • MLOps and self-service analytics architecture designs for end-to-end ML system development (Dev) and ML system operation (Ops)
  • Engineering expertise to build Analytics, Data Science and MLOps tool chains and platforms

Data Science, Machine Learning, Self-service & Real-time Analytics Technologies for MLOps

  • Customer specific and adapted technology evaluations and roll-outs of:
    • Data and AI platforms for end-to-end Data Science, ML system development (Dev) and ML system operation (Ops)
    • Continuous Delivery tooling
    • Self-service and real-time analytics for data insights and operations monitoring
  • Objective and up-to-date benchmarks of both established market solutions (e.g. Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning) and new, innovative (next generation) tools
technology setup

Domain-specific Data Science & Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Trainings for MLOps

  • Domain specific offerings of comprehensive, local and cost-effective Data Science trainings for:

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