SRE Foundations Course 5 Days

  • Five days SRE Foundations course in an effective learning environment
  • Delivered by industry-experienced SRE experts
  • Covering the basics of modern Site Reliability Engineering proven in local, Swiss market
  • Including both theory and hands-on labs

Day 1: SRE Fundamentals

Topics: Effective SRE: Principles & Challenges – Digital Highway Blueprint​ – DevOps Culture ​- Fundamentals of Cloud Native Apps: Containers and microservices 


  • Introduction to Continuous Delivery, SLO Engineering & Operations Efficiency
  • Foster continuous learning

Day 2: SLOs, SLIs & Monitoring

Topics: Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and Service Level Indicators (SLIs)​ – Monitoring: Past to Future ​- Observability Monitoring and Automation ​


  • Specify meaningful SLOs
  • Find your SLIs to fit your SLOs
  • Get hands-on experience SLI/SLO

Day 3: Operations Efficiency

Topics: Operations Efficiency: Automation and Emergency Response – Efficiency and Performance Tracking – All about Dashboards​ – Error Budgeting 


  • Effective Dashboards for optimal Operations
  • Set alerts to ensure Reliability
  • Formulation of Error Budgets and Error Budget Alerting 


Day 4: Performance Management & AIOps

Topics: Introduction to AIOps ​- Microservices APM real-time AI-driven alerts –Performance Analysis


  • Judge achievement of SLOs
  • Automate Emergency response

Day 5: Best Practices

Topics: Effective SRE Best Practices ​- Reliability Architecture Patterns – Q&A Session of the Week & Exploring SRE across companies


  • Structure your architecture with reliable design choices
  • Anticipation of potential problems

Registration Details

Skills Pre-requisites:

  • Basic Software Engineering skills and knowledge (OOP, scripting, as a code, …)
  • Basic System Engineering skills and knowledge (OS, network, deployment, security, monitoring, …)

Further details:

  • Full-time availability: Course runs 9 am – 5 pm
  • Given the circumstances and local regulations, some of our upcoming bootcamps will take place remotely
  • By submitting your registration, you confirm your registration and participation in the selected course. You will then receive an invoice from our team
  • Contact us if you have questions before registering

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