Why do you need SRE Training?

Companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to push services out to multiple geographies and ever-increasing user bases.

Scaling up is of course beneficial, but maintaining reliability, security and safety standards at scale presents a significant challenge. The implementation of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) focuses on how to build and run services at scale. 

Google is both a forerunner and prime example of how to implement SRE.

However, what works for Google, may not work for other companies the in same way and a simple manner, especially those not born in the cloud. 

Many organizations are looking to adopt and deploy SRE as a key new capability for their Digital, DevOps or Cloud Journey. 

However, they have many questions on how to apply the SRE principles and practices from the books into their context, may it be DevOps and Continuous Delivery for general software systems or MLOps for Machine Learning system development and operations.

Our goal is to make the Site Reliability Engineering concept accessible to average organisations and individuals through our “Effective SRE Training” approach with: 

  • A clear and structured set of activities supported by customizable learning modules and an approach leveraging Google best practices and 20+ years in the adjacent topic of Performance Engineering 
  • Reduced complexity and increased efficiency by leveraging AI, Cloud-native stacks and CI/CD tooling capabilities 

Our Effective SRE Training Offer

  • Comprehensive, practical training with an effective and entertaining mix of theory and labs.

  • Delivered by industry-experienced SRE experts to (new) SRE practitioners.
  • Covering all aspects of modern SRE and how to effectively apply both hard and soft skills in your work and architecture.
  • Including principles and practices of “Effective SRE” (by Digital Architects Zurich) in dedicated sessions.
  • Hands-on labs structured in a storyline that takes an App from simple deployment to Continuous Delivery & Verification with Observability based SLO Engineering and Operations Efficiency.

Our SRE Courses

Public Bootcamps

Effective learning environment with the modules split into two courses, each including theory and standard labs. 

  1. Foundations week (5 days) 
  2. Advanced week (5 days) 

Course fee (5 days): CHF 5’000 / participant

Enterprise Bootcamp

Customised training offer for companies and their teams based on your organisation’s individual requirements.

  • Project delivery approach incl. consulting and training
  • Module selection and adoption customisable

Package of consulting rate (time & material) and training fee

Week 1: Foundations

  • Day 1: SRE Fundamentals 
  • Day 2: SLOs, SLIs & Monitoring 
  • Day 3: Building & Automating CD Pipelines 
  • Day 4: Continuous Verification (CV)  
  • Day 5: On-Call & SRE Culture 

Week 2: Advanced

  • Day 1: Operations Efficiency
  • Day 2: Observability & AIOps
  • Day 3: Scheduling & Provisioning  
  • Day 4: Security & Automation 
  • Day 5: Advanced Practices & Architecture Patterns 

Enterprise Training

  • SRE Fundamentals 
  • SLOs, SLIs & Monitoring 
  • Operations Efficiency 
  • Observability & AIOps 
  • Adv. Practices & Architecture Patterns 
  • Building & Automating CD Pipelines 
  • Continuous Verification (CV)  
  • Scheduling & Provisioning 
  • Security & Automation 
  • On-Call & SRE Culture

Any Questions?

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