Holistic data and machine learning solutions revolving around

We help organizations to generate sustainable value by building and running reliable data and machine learning solutions.


The impact data and machine learning (ML) can have on any industry is unprecedented. However, the required digital transformation is a complex process affecting operating model, technology, and culture & skills.

At Machine Learning Architects Basel (MLAB), we assist and empower people and organizations in designing, building, and operating reliable data and machine learning solutions. In doing so, our effective solutions patterns enable us to take a novel and holistic approach. These patterns and frameworks revolve not only around the latest technologies but also take cultural aspects, skills, and process adjustments into account. We thereby:

  • Digitalize and automate processes with bespoke data and AI solutions, from use case identification to implementation and operation (MLOps).
  • Engineer, design, and implement unified analytics platforms, data, model and code pipelines, and end-to-end ML systems.
  • Enable technical and non-technical teams and individuals to leverage data science, ML, and reliability engineering in an end-to-end fashion.

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