A team devoted to helping organizations reap the benefits of machine learning.

Data Scientists

For cutting-edge ML solutions.

Machine Learning Engineers

For rock-solid data and ML pipelines.

Software Developers & SRE Engineers

For reliable system deployments and operations.

Domain Experts

Such as life scientists, IT architects, DevOps consultants, and education professionals to accomodate various needs.

Our versatile team members cover all stages that make up a successful AI initiative.

As part of the Swiss Digital Network, we are experienced in developing and managing highly reliable software and infrastructure projects. This expertise is augmented by data scientists and ML experts who support you in developing and executing on your AI strategy using MLOps best practices.

Meet the core team

Our skills and dedication help to build and run your ML projects.

Matthias Mau

Matthias Mau

Managing Consultant
(Co-Founder & CEO)
Sam Ruprechter

Samuel Rupprechter, PhD

Solutions Architect

Xenia Ioannidou

Xenia Ioannidou

Data & ML Engineer

Flavio Monigatti

Flavio Monigatti, PhD

Managing Consultant
László Csunderlik

László Csunderlik

Data & MLOps Engineer

Makram Hanin

Makram Hanin

Senior Advisor & SDN Partner

Stephanie Liebing

Stéphanie Liebing

Marketing & Community Manager

Régis Michael Andréoli

Régis Michael Andréoli

MLOps Engineering Intern

The team consists of the core team above as well as further digitalization and innovation experts from the Swiss Digital Network, including strategy consultants, innovation advisors, data engineers, data scientists, digital architects, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers, workshop trainers and academic professionals.