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Realizing the full potential of AI is challenging.
We are here to help.

Whether your organization already uses data analytics and machine learning, is in the midst of a digital transformation, or is not digitalized at all, utilizing AI to bring it to the next level entails challenges that we can help overcome:

  • Missing AI strategy
  • Lacking experience to identify AI use cases
  • Enterprise readiness
  • Scattered IT environments
  • Lack of an agile AI ecosystem
  • Heterogeneous data sources
  • On-premise infrastructure does not meet scalability and flexibility needs
  • Siloed teams
  • ML projects don't make it into production
  • Accumulation of hidden technical debt in ML systems

How we do it?

We believe that unlocking the potential of machine learning requires a holistic transformation approach covering technology, operating model, as well as culture and skills. We therefore developed Effective MLOps, a framework to operationalize ML while focusing on these three pillars. Learn more about it below.

Effective MLOps: Scope & Framework Effective MLOps in Action

Effective MLOPS Maturity

To assess your organization's AI readiness, our Effective MLOps maturity model helps you understand where you stand, where you could be, and how we can help you getting there.

Tooling & Automation

Do you use Excel spreadsheets or run a unified enterprise-level platform?

Decision Making

Are imporant decisions made based upon manual analyses or is decision making fully automated?

Skills & Enablement

Are your employees being continuously enabled to maximize the business value ML can add?


Do you store your data locally or is it fully maintained and versioned by a service?


Do you have a modern approach to software delivery and IT operations, and do you follow DevOps best practices?

Innovation Readiness & Strategy

Are you risk averse or do you yearn for innovations utilizing machine learning?