NextGen meets NextGen

Basel (May 5th, 2022) - Curix, a NextGen resilience AIOps solution proudly announces their strategic partnership with Swiss Digital Network (SND), Digital Architects Zurich (DAZ) and Machine Learning Architects Basel (MLAB), bringing together the powerful AI-based immune system for IT CuriX, with the in-depth method and integration knowledge of Swiss Digital Network. Jointly we will enable AI based big data intelligence and cloud transformations.

“We are very proud to welcome CuriX to our partner network,” says Tobias Sager, Managing Director at Swiss Digital Network. “With this partnership, we further strengthen our market presence in the areas of ML-driven Observability, AIOps, IT Resilience and Predictive Monitoring. We are pleased to offer CuriX as an integral part of our tailor-made solutions for our customers. This next gen technology fits right into our portfolio and complements the expertise of our consulting and engineering cells.”

Tobias Sager – Swiss Digital Network

“We are thrilled to be adding the Swiss Digital Network cells, Digital Architects Zurich and Machine Learning Architects Basel as partner to strengthen our partner network and to broaden our footprint in the integration and marketing of CuriX in the fast-growing segment of AI based system resilience,” says Ruedi Moll, CuriX CEO.

Ruedi Moll – Curix

About Curix

Curix is a NextGen resilience AIOps solution that provides performance, reliability, availability, and security of IT-systems and enables proactive manageability thanks to a highly inutitive dashboard, smart anomaly analytics and predictive alerts – fully automized.

About Swiss Digital Network

Swiss Digital Network is the first independent and open consulting network composed of agile and specialised consulting cells which cooperate with innovative technology providers to enable digital, cloud, data and AI transformations. These cells include:

  • Digital Architects Zurich (DAZ) specialises in implementing transformation projects for cloud-native and AI-driven continuous delivery and IT Operations Management. We have a strong background in AIOps, Observability and a thorough understanding of the challenges of governance for a modern IT. We use our own “Effective SRE” methodology to allow companies to efficiently adopt Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) as a new discipline. We help customers build and run the “Digital Highway” for continuous software delivery by applying best-practice solution patterns to build processes and deployment pipelines, introducing velocity through automation and intelligent data analysis.
  • Machine Learning Architects Basel (MLAB) assist and empower people and organizations in designing, building, and operating reliable machine learning solutions. In doing so, our "Effective MLOps" framework enables us to take a novel and holistic approach. It revolves not only around the latest technologies but also takes cultural aspects, skills, and process adjustments into account.