Great SREs are not hired, they are trained! We are bringing you effective 5-day bootcamps for individuals and customizable enterprise trainings for teams, developed by industry practitioners of the Swiss market leader for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). These bootcamps will enable you for DevOps and MLOps in enterprise environments.

Machine Learning Architects Basel (MLAB) is launching a series of bootcamps for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Training, in collaboration with Digital Architects Zurich (DAZ), starting in March 2021. This launch underlines our joint mission of democratising the SRE concept and assisting organisations and software engineers to acquire Site Reliability Engineering skills to progress and master their Digital journeys by enabling them for DevOps and MLOps.

We know what you think “well… there is another SRE training”. Actually, this one is different on many levels. First, this SRE Training is from engineers to engineers and it is built around practical cases and real-world experience in enterprise environments. In addition, the SRE Training by MLAB comes in a time where SREs are more needed and valued than ever – SRE is among the top 10 in-demand jobs in 2020 (LinkedIn 2020 Emerging jobs report) – in an IT industry driven by Machine Learning, AI and Cloud transformation. Site Reliability Engineering has always been a pioneer’s concept (Google in particular) where its translation from books to average organisations contexts never really took off. With DAZ’s Effective SRE concept, for a step-by-step adoption of SRE, which we present you in these bootcamps, that is going to change, rapidly and effectively!

This comprehensive and practical SRE training is based on an effective mix of theory and labs. The bootcamps leverage a holistic approach of both hard and soft skills centred on technology, operating models and culture skills. It will be delivered to you by industry experienced SRE experts with a proven track record on the Swiss market and a thought leading conceptual knowledge worldwide. The Effective SRE approach by Digital Architects Zurich being its embodiment. Your participation in the bootcamp will be valued by an SRE certificate to assert your achievements and enable you to leverage the new acquired-reinforced skills professionally.

Aware of SRE importance, and especially potential, for both enterprises and individuals, Machine Learning Architects Basel provides a specific offer for each, featuring different modules, key concepts and practical labs and workshops.

Public SRE Bootcamps

If you are a software engineer seeking to master SRE skills, this formula may suit you the best. It is structured around 10 modules combining theoretical concepts and hands-on-labs, split into 2 weeks.

  • The ”Foundations Week” (5 days) which covers modules of SRE fundamentals; SLOs, SLIs & Monitoring; Building & Automating CD Pipelines; Continuous Verification; On-call & SRE Culture.
  • The “Advanced Week” (5 days) which covers modules of Operations Efficiency; Observability & AIOps; Scheduling & Provisioning; Security & Automation; Adv. Practices & Architecture Patterns.

Customized Enterprise SRE Training

If you want your company’s teams and collaborators to master SRE skills adapted to your environment, this customizable and flexible formula is what you need. Enterprise SRE training is our way of helping businesses implement SRE skills in their daily work, based on their specific needs and individual requirements. First, we will work with you in workshops to assess your business needs, then you can choose the modules, labs and applied tools adapted to your environment, and get your customized training delivered to you by SRE experts.